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Samia August 28, 2011

Sunshine Makes You Smile?

Dear (of fame),

You live up to the brightness that your last name emanates.

~ SK

Okay, okay… I know most of my readers don’t watch “Shake It Up” (or Disney for that matter), so I won’t write about how awesome Caroline is, how much she loves shoes, or how well-put together she is (though she is all of those things.)

In this case, I will write about myself, as it pertains to my hangout with the REAL (yes, that title just now came into my head and I figured I had to type it out. It will likely be the title of this blog post now.)

Sometimes when tweens get fame early, they get an ego.

However, when it came to Caroline Sunshine, it was ME with the ego (yes, I can admit my faults.)

Why? Well, because she told me she watched me online, and that she was a fan of…me. Usually, it’s the interviewer telling the interviewee such a thing. But no, not this day. This day… was my day.

So I took advantage of it. Yes, the interview was in her dressing room. However, for that hour, it was MY dressing room as well. I used her bathroom. I used her mirror to do my makeup. I even delayed the interview so that I could attempt to wear fake eyelashes (total fail. My lashes looked like spiderlegs or something.)

We chatted. We bonded. We took photos. She taught (or well, tried to teach) me how to imitate her European accent on the show. We tweeted “at” eachother. And then we parted ways…only for her to become my new favorite 15-year-old.

The moral of this story? Compliment me, tell me you love me, share your resources, and you will also become a fave of mine.


CArolineee!! I AM IN LOVE With this site love you


Hey Caroline i love your site is very sparkly I LLOVE YOU SOOO MUCH Thank you for always gift me a smile!! LOTS OF LOVEEEE!!

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