Caroline Sunshine

PIPER’S PICKS: Adam Irigoyen (Deuce) & Caroline Sunshine (Tinka) from Disney’s Shake It Up!


and are featured in “Piper’s Picks” for ! Read the article and watch video below from the premier of “Pirate’s of the Caribbean”!
That’s right, me hardees!!!! We’ve been holding out! We saved a few PiPeRiFiC Pirates interviews from the : ON STRANGER TIDES World Premiere for the DVD release (were you on our live stream where we gave 2 of the BluRay/DVDs away?)! SO…CAROLINE SUNSHINE and ADAM IRIGOYEN from Disney’s ! are 2 of PIPER REESE’S favorites! We’ve got a WHOLE LOTTA ! on the way…so let’s get started, y’all!

Let Caroline know what you thought of her look!


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