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LA Teen Interview w/ Caroline Sunshine

Caroline Sunshine

is interviewed by magazine and shares with them how she got into show business! Read then entire interview here!

LA Teen Meets the awesome up and coming star of Disney’s “!”, Caroline Sunshine!

Caroline knew from a young age that she wanted to perform! Since then it has been non-stop hard work for this talented starlet and these days she is acting on Disney’s bumpin’ new dance show Shake It Up. Check out what she had to tell us when we recently caught up with her to chat…

LT: Tell us about where you are from and a little about your family?

Caroline Sunshine: I’m a born and raised! My family lives all over though in South Carolina, Illinois, and even Italy!

LT: What made you want to become an entertainer?

Caroline Sunshine: When I was small I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be when I grew up because there were so many things I was interested in. I decided if I was an actress I could play a doctor one day and a princess the next.

LT: What kind of kid were you growing up? (i.e., Did you get in trouble a lot or were you always good?)

Caroline Sunshine: I’m only 15, so I still sort of feel like I’m growing up! I have a lot to learn. But I was a total nerd. I kinda didn’t fit in! I was really into studying, acting, and dancing. All the other girls in my grade played volleyball and I wasn’t very athletic. It wasn’t until middle school that I really started to get my confidence up and accept that it’s okay to be different.

LT: What role did your parents play in your goals? Did they encourage you to pursue this career?

Caroline Sunshine: I couldn’t do what I do without my parents. It’s a very crazy dream to want to be a performer, but they have supported me from the start and I am very grateful. I am very close with both my mom and dad and they have tried to keep my life very normal. I still go to my brothers’ little league games and have a curfew.

LT: We read that you travel a lot. Do you travel here in the U.S. or do go to other countries? What is your favorite spot?

Caroline Sunshine: Traveling is one of my hobbies, and its something I love to do with my family. It’s awesome because filming sometimes takes you to new and exciting places. When I filmed “Marmaduke” I spent 3 months living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’ve traveled to about 35 states and all over North America: Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Cozumel. I would love to travel to South America and Europe and meet some of my international fans.

LT: As charity work you are part of a group that delivers blankets to cancer patients. Can you tell us more about that? For example who makes the blankets?

Caroline Sunshine: Giving back to our community is something that is very important to my family and I. I work with a variety of organizations but one of my favorites is the Joyful Heart Foundation. Once a month I get together with my mom and friends and sew blankets to give to cancer patients in the hospital. One of my childhood friends was recently diagnosed with cancer so this cause is particularly close to me. Cancer is something that touches everyone.

LT: What are auditions like? Did you audition for the part to play Tinka in ‘Shake it Up’? If so what did you have to do?

Caroline Sunshine: My audition for Tinka was quite long. I went in about 4 times before I got the part, which is very normal for the auditioning process. A lot of times you go in multiple times before you get the part. For my last audition for the part of Tinka I was up against 3 other girls and one of was from Romania and had a real European accent. I was so nervous!!! But, I guess I must have done something right!

LT: In 2010 you appeared in the feature film Marmaduke, what was that like? How do you compare it to working on your tv show?

Caroline Sunshine: I feel very blessed because one of my very first roles was a role in a feature film. That doesn’t happen all the time and I am forever grateful to Christian Kaplan who gave me my big break. I worked on Marmaduke for about 3 months and learned so much. I made some wonderful friends too that I still keep in touch with. Two-legged and four-legged!DSC_4070_lite
LT: Speaking of Marmaduke, how do you feel about dogs in general? Do you have dogs or other pets at home?

Caroline Sunshine: I am such a huge animal lover. I have a maltese-shitzu dog named Pawley who is a rescue dog. I love seeing his smiling face when I come home everyday. I swear animals have their own personalities and are a lot smarter than people think! I learned that first hand working on “Marmaduke”.

LT: Tell us what is on the horizon for you for the coming year.

Caroline Sunshine: I’m really looking forward to the coming year. I’ll be starting my junior year of high school in the fall and I couldn’t be more grateful. Not many high schoolers get to say they are working on a hit TV show, traveling, and getting to do some of the things I’m getting to experience. We will be hard at work for season 2 of “Shake It Up” and the “Shake It Up” movie is scheduled for filming as well. I’m really excited to continue TV work and get back into film. I’ve also been hard at work on music and collaborating with some really excited people. I can’t wait for my fans to hear it in the coming year! My fans mean the world to me and they are so supportive! I read every piece of fan mail and every tweet and try my best for them each day.
Fun Follow Ups!

Favorite food: Chocolate chips ( I put them on just about anything)

Top three hobbies: Shopping, traveling, eating

Be any animal: A bird so I can fly

Weakness in life: Powdered doughnuts

Best place to relax: On a surfboard in the ocean

Theme song of your life: “Walking On Sunshine”

Have Any Magic Power: Power to read minds


hey caroline. my friend met u at the pepper tree park in tustin her name is alyssa. she took a pic with you at the play over there. so please call me it will be the first time a disney channel star will call me thanks oh and u go to orange luthren my bro and sis go there.

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