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See Caroline Sunshine in Brand New Episodes of Shake It Up This January


New – JanNEWary on

Disney Channel is gearing up for new episodes of their hit shows, including “Shake It Up”, which stars Bella Thorne, Zendaya and . Disney says to “Get ready to Shake It Up this JaNEWary on Disney Channel!” Here’s a new clip from the show.

Shake It Up: Contrasting in personality, CeCe and Rocky are lifelong friends and would do anything for each other. CeCe’s impulsive and adventurous nature and Rocky’s measured approach and efforts to keep them on the right track, make their friendship that much stronger, as they complement each other like two dancers in a pas de deux. Their drive and determination propel each other to keep striving for more including a promotion to become one of the Wild Things, the lead dancers on “Shake It Up, Chicago!”

Are you excited to see the new episodes? Let us know!


why can't I see this video in my country (Italy) oh it's gonna be fine love u xoxoxo from your fan number 1 (uno in italian) Lucrezia

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