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Caroline Sunshine Takes On 2012

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stars in , but did you know that in her spare time she likes to bake it up? Caroline shares her passion with us and also gives us advice on how to shake up 2012 by trying new things.

Caroline’s goal for 2012 is to not be afraid of taking risks. Her tip is to shake up an old outfit with new accessories. Caroline looks forward to trying to work bold lips into her looks for the new year. She also really wants to removable hair extensions so she can try out colored streaks in her hair.

When it comes to , Caroline recommends trying the unexpected. If you take your date to a theme park, you can get to know him or her really well (in between the screams). Other activities like hiking, going to the beach or taking a class together also make exciting dates.

Caroline loves learning and looks forward to improving her cooking skills in 2012. She already spends her weekends baking, but she is looking forward to adding some recipes to her repertoire. Pasta anyone?

Caroline also showed us her new dance move for 2012. It can be scary to try busting a move at a school dance, but Caroline’s move is sure to make anyone look cool!

How do you plan to shake up 2012? Let us know!



I love shake it up and Tincka hestoggethee and Gunter hestoggethee!(how do you spell Tinckas last name)I love how Tincka is unice and weird I like how you say hello babeee! Plus I like the song Im geting a goat for christmas! HaHa!

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