Caroline Sunshine

Caroline Sunshine: Disney Friends For Change PSA!

Caroline Sunshine Friends For Change PSA

Sunshine has teamed up with the Worldwide Conservation Fund, and the National Park Foundation to encourage kids and families to explore the outdoors.

Disney’s Friends for Change – a program that inspires kids and families to make a positive impact on their world by helping people and the planet – developed a () featuring star to air on and . Disney Friends for Change also created an online action kit that helps families plan a park visit in four easy steps and provides ideas on park activities ranging from hikes to wildlife exploration.


Caroline Sunshine Friends For Change PSA

Caroline, in collaboration with Disney, hopes to inspire outdoor adventures, conservation and to spread appreciation for the beauty and value of all of our natural resources – whether in a national park, or in our own backyards.

Visit Project Green for Caroline’s full PSA and for more information on how you can make a difference in your community! #GOOUTSIDE



  1. […] I believe this video came out last year. I remember seeing it on Caroline’s website. After checking it out – the video is no longer […]

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