Caroline Sunshine

What I Love: Easter!


No matter how old I get, I am never to old to take part in the egg tradition! I love dying eggs new and interesting ways each year! This year, I’m thinking ! :)

Glitter Easter Eggs

Place glue dots on egg and roll in glitter. Soo easy and you can do so many different variations of this.

Why stop there though? I’m also thinking some Easter egg inspired !

Easter nails

What do you do to celebrate Easter? Let me know below!

 I hope you all have a safe and happy ! :)


E. Marie
E. Marie

Hi Caroline. You are so awesome. I am wondering..... Are you a Christian?


Love the nails by the way, they're so cute! :) On Easter my family goes to our grandpa's house and goes egg hunting and has a party.


Hi Caroline! For Easter, I visited a friend of mine who lives an hour away. We watched Shake It Up and ate ham. You're our favorite actress! I hope you had a great holiday. Keith


Hey Caroline! Happy Easter! I love you so much! You're my whole life & universe! You're amazing & perfect... I hope you can read this love! I am Sunshine forever! {I hope you can tweet me on twitter; I am @SparklyThorne} Xoxo I will be always for you! :')

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