Caroline Sunshine

Caroline Sunshine Joins Young Hollywood’s Fashion Roundtable

Caroline Sunshine - Young Hollywood Fashion Roundtable

presides over ’s first chatting about shoes, sparkles, neon, unicorns and more!

Get a peak into ’s closet as she joins the Young Hollywood panel to decide whether they , or ‘’ these trends!


Which of Caroline’s items were your favorite?


Hi Caroline i'm your biggest fan i just want u 2 now that you r a great actress, dancer, and a great singer. So i'll take a little bit about myself first of all my name is Jahnaya i'm 11 years old i live in Regina SK i love to sing and dance.i have 2 older siblings my brother Jahkwon ( age 15) and my sister Jade (age 13)my favorite colors is hot pink blue and purple.My favorite food is pizza, grilled cheese, chicken burger,and hamburgers. my skin color is black well im a light brown color but im not Zendaya's skin color. Did you know that people at my school my gf's and some of my guyfrinds and friends that r my enimies think that u and Kenton r dating? it's true and Jenna's Siter Savanna's sister and Mckenna's sister think that u and Kenton r Boyfriend and Girlfriend? don't worry i told them u guys are not dating and not boyfriend and girlfriend i just said that u guys r just best friends.Sorry if i'm wasting your time so thats all i want to say and i'll always love u even 1 day u might die and i know u would think the same way that u would fell if i die so i'll always suport u no matter what and i know u will always be my sunshine thx 4 raeding this letter love Jahnaya

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