Caroline Sunshine

‘Tis The Season!


season is officially upon us!

This year, don’t forget to add ’s rendition of the tune “” to your Holiday playlist!


You can get Caroline’s track “All I Want For Christmas” and more tunes from your favorite Stars on the Holiday Playlist available on iTunes!

Jaycee-Maia wilkins
Jaycee-Maia wilkins

Yeah Chloe-Melissa is correct You are soooooooooooo awesomely brilliant and we love you caroline !!!!!'nnnn you bring sunshine to our hearts

Chloe-Melissa wilkins
Chloe-Melissa wilkins

Hey caroline I'm Chloe-Melissa Wilkins and my twin jaycee-Maia and I love your voice your soo good me and my twin are only 11 but I have won over 333 talent shows since I was 8 and she has won 216 since she was 5 your voice would win any talent show in any country because you have the IT factor your pretty you have a great voice and you are utterly amazingly brilliant we love you ! Xox


i love your voice caroline it is awsome.

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